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Business Cards – Are They Still Relevant?

Despite the evolution of NFC keychains and exchanging digital contacts via phone, there’s something about a paper business card that keeps it from being tossed into the “old-school” bin. Here’s the lowdown on why they’re still the champs of networking:

That Personal Touch: Swapping paper business cards isn’t just about trading digits and email addresses. It’s that little moment of connection, a handshake in paper form. It’s personal, memorable, and heck, it’s nice to have something you can physically pin to your board or tuck into your wallet.

Quick and Easy: Picture this—you’re at a First Friday Coffee, chatting with several new contacts. Do you really want to fumble with your phone, open an app, or bump phones together…with three people, knowing that sometimes things don’t work right the first time? A quick handover of a business card is smooth, efficient, and you can get back to that coffee and conversation much quicker.

Be Creative, Be Remembered: With paper business cards, you get to play around with designs, textures, and even some funky shapes if that’s your jam. Ever got a card that felt so good you couldn’t stop fiddling with it? That’s the kind of memorable we’re talking about. Plus, ever tried attaching a digital card to a branded mug or a product sample? Didn’t think so.

Everyone’s Invited: The beauty of paper business cards? No tech barriers. They’re the ultimate inclusive tool—no app downloads, no dead batteries, just good old-fashioned hand-to-hand action.

Digital Meets Physical: And for those who can’t part ways with tech (we get it, it’s cool), why not both? Add a QR code to your business card, and you’ve got the best of both worlds.

So even though the world has adopted digital methods as a primary way to connect and communicate, the business card isn’t going anywhere. It’s quick, it’s personal, and it lets you flex your creative muscles. Next time you’re at an event, you’ll be glad you invested in this “old school” way of getting your information into a contact’s hands.

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